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December 2nd

Git basics in one place

To commit a new code to gitHub:

-- First, create a new directory after logging in to your GitHub account at


    Let's say the new code area is https://github.com/kalanand/< new>.git.
    Now go to the local code area on your computer and execute the following five steps.
git init
git add  
git commit -m "first commit"
git remote add origin https://github.com/kalanand/< new>.git
git push -u origin master
-- To push an existing repository from the command line
git remote add origin https://github.com/kalanand/< new>.git
git push -u origin master
-- Below are some other basic commands
git clone git://github.com/< user>/< package>   (checkout a new package or release)

git status                                    (check the status of files in local area)

git add < file>                                (begin tracking or staging: VERY IMPORTANT 
                                               BEFORE COMMIT)

git diff                                      (difference between what is in the working 
                                               directory to what is in the staging area)

git diff --staged                             (difference between your staged changes 
                                               and your last commit)

git commit                                    (commit your changes. 
                                               "-m" option works just like in cvs
                                               "-a" option automatically adds all staged files)

git pull < master> < development_branch>        (update your local copy of the package to match the main repository)

git push < my-package> < HEAD:some-branch-name> (finally, propagate your changes to the main repository)

git rm < file>                                 (remove a file. Some useful examples:
                                               git rm log/\*.log
                                               git rm \*~ )

git rm -cached < file>                         (remove a staged file)

git mv README.txt README                      (rename a file)

git log                                       (lists commits made in the repository in reverse 
                                               chronological order.
                                               "-p" option shows diff introduced in each commit
                                               "-2" limits the output to only the last two entries
                                               "--word-diff", "--stat", "--pretty=oneline", 
                                               "--since=2.weeks" are other useful options)

git tag                                       (list all tags)

git tag -1 'v.1.*'                            (search for tags with a particular pattern)

git tag v1.4                                  (create a new lightweight tag, similar to cvs)

git tag -a v1.4 -m "my version 1.4"           (create a detailed/proper tag) 

December 4th

CMS GitHub

The old CVS repository is available READ-ONLY by setting:
export CVSROOT=":ext:@lxplus5.cern.ch:/afs/cern.ch/user/c/cvscmssw/public/CMSSW"
# setenv CVSROOT ":ext:@lxplus5.cern.ch:/afs/cern.ch/user/c/cvscmssw/public/CMSSW"
To checkout packages from github
git cms-init 
git cms-addpkg < Package_You_Want> 
git clone git@github.com:< your-user-name>/usercode src/UserCode/< your-name>
To update your local area
git pull < master> < development_branch>
An interesting case: Let's say that you are working with a branch called "l1t-devel" created by the user "cms-l1t-offline" forked from a base CMSSW release, then you can update your local area using the following command:
git remote add cms-l1t-offline git@github.com:cms-l1t-offline/cmssw.git
git pull cms-l1t-offline l1t-devel
To commit to github
git commit -m "message" 
git push my-package HEAD:some-branch-name
In the above case:
git push cms-l1t-offline mydevel-branch:l1t-devel
(here the local branch "mydevel-branch" was originally created by cloning the "l1t-devel" branch)

See also the instructions at the following twiki


December 9th

Core dump of recent articles on Higgs, VBF, WW scattering etc.

HiggsVHTobbCode < CMS < TWiki
SWGuideSubjetFilterJetProducer < CMS < TWiki
LHC Higgs Cross Section Twiki
LHC Higgs Branching Ratio Twiki
Hig11003TWiki < CMS < TWiki
TopLikeBSMSpring2011 < CMS < TWiki
WorkBookGroupActivities < CMSPublic < TWiki
HiggsWWTolnujjFirstReview < CMS < TWiki
[1203.2771] Exploring alternative symmetry breaking mechanisms at the LHC with 7, 8 and 10 TeV total energy
[0907.0580] Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to W+W+jj and W-W-jj production via weak-boson fusion
[hep-ph/0603177] Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to W+W- production via vector-boson fusion
[1009.2338] Precise Predictions for W + 4 Jet Production at the Large Hadron Collider
[1002.4009] Dominant QCD Backgrounds in Higgs Boson Analyses at the LHC: A Study of pp -> t anti-t + 2 jets at Next-To-Leading Order
[1112.1171] Vector Boson scattering at the LHC: counting experiments for unitarized models in a full six fermion approach
[1202.1904] Probing the Scattering of Equivalent Electroweak Bosons
[1203.2489] Searches for New Physics: Les Houches Recommendations for the Presentation of LHC Results
[1203.1762] Diboson production at LHC with warped extra dimensions
[1203.1832] QCD diffractive mechanism of exclusive $W^+W^-$ pair production at high energies
[1202.5475] NLO Higgs boson production plus one and two jets using the POWHEG BOX, MadGraph4 and MCFM
PhysicsResultsHIG < CMSPublic < TWiki
WhatWeMeasure < Main < TWiki
HiggsWWSummer2012 < CMS < TWiki
TempWWlvjj < Main < TWiki
HiggsMinutes < CMS < TWiki
HiggsWWTolnujjFirstReview < CMS < TWiki
HIG-12-003-ARC < CMS < TWiki
HiggsCombinationRooStatsValidation < CMS/HiggsWG < TWiki
HiggsWWTolnujj < CMS < TWiki
HiggsPag2012Mar22 < CMS < TWiki
[1205.4682] Zeros of the W_L Z_L -> W_L Z_L amplitude: where vector resonances stand
Review of HIG-12-021
CERNYellowReportPageAt8TeV < LHCPhysics < TWiki
[1205.6987] Gluon fusion contribution to W+W- + jet production
Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the H to WW to lvjj decay channel - CERN Document Server
A search for the Standard Model Higgs boson decaying to two W bosons with the subsequent decay to a final state containing one lepton, one neutrino, and two or three jets is presented. The results are based on a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 5.0~fb$^{-1}$ of proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=7\,\text{Te\hspace{-.08em}V}$ and collected with the CMS detector at the CERN LHC. Selections to discriminate between the signal and background events are based on kinematic and topological quantities including the angular spin correlations of the decay products. No evidence for the Higgs boson is found, and at 95\% confidence level the SM Higgs boson production in the mass range $327-415\GeVnn$ is excluded.
HIG-12-021-ARC < CMS < TWiki
SignalMCProduction < CMS < TWiki
[1206.4133] Higgs production at the LHC: updated cross sections at $\sqrt{s}=8$ TeV
MadGraphSamples – MadGraph
[1206.7110] Low-mass Higgs decays to four leptons at one loop and beyond
[1208.0504] LEP3: A High Luminosity e+e- Collider to study the Higgs Boson
[1208.4018] On the spin and parity of a single-produced resonance at the LHC
Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the H to WW to lvjj decay channel - CERN Document Server
A search for the Standard Model Higgs boson decaying to two W bosons with the subsequent decay to a final state containing one lepton, one neutrino, and two jets is presented. The results are based on a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 5.1~fb$^{-1}$ of proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=8\,\text{Te\hspace{-.08em}V}$ and collected with the CMS detector at the CERN LHC in 2012. Selections to discriminate between the signal and background events are based on kinematic and topological quantities including the angular spin correlations between the decay products. No evidence for the Higgs boson is found. Using 8~TeV data, we exclude the Standard Model Higgs boson in the mass range 260--460~GeV at 95\% confidence level. When combined with 7~TeV data, the exclusion range expands to 230-480~GeV at 95\% confidence level.
[1208.6002] A Fast Track towards the `Higgs' Spin and Parity
[1209.1489] Higgs boson pair production at the LHC in the $b \bar{b} W^+ W^-$ channel
[1209.2389] NLO QCD corrections to W+ W+ jj production in vector-boson fusion at the LHC
HeavyHiggsInterferenceEffects < CMS < TWiki
[1209.3807] Search for a narrow spin-2 resonance decaying to a pair of Z vector bosons in the semileptonic final state
[1210.0964] Vector Boson Fusion Processes as a Probe of Supersymmetric Electroweak Sectors at the LHC
SWGuideEWKVPlusJets < CMSPublic < TWiki
HIG-12-046-ARC < CMS < TWiki
ElectroWinos2012 < Sandbox < TWiki
[1210.5347] vh@nnlo - Higgs Strahlung at hadron colliders
[1210.8120] Higgs couplings beyond the Standard Model
[1210.8166] New Physics in LHC Higgs boson pair production
[1211.3658] Spin-2 Resonances in Vector-Boson-Fusion Processes at NLO QCD
[1211.4580] Robust Determination of the Higgs Couplings: Power to the Data
[1211.4828] The Higgs Boson in the Standard Model - From LEP to LHC: Expectations, Searches, and Discovery of a Candidate
B2GTopLikeBSM53X < CMS < TWiki
[1211.6559] Higgs boson production at the LHC: NNLO partonic cross sections through order $\epsilon$ and convolutions with splitting functions to N$^3$LO
[1211.7015] Looking for an Invisible Higgs Signal at the LHC
[1211.6823] Various Models Mimicking the SM Higgs Boson
HiggsModels < CMS < TWiki
HIG12034QA < CMS < TWiki
LPCWlnuWjjVBF < CMS < TWiki
7th meeting of the LHC Higgs Cross Section WG (05-6 December 2012)
[1212.0843] Higgs Quantum Numbers in Weak Boson Fusion
[1210.3342] Coupling spans of the Higgs-like boson
[1212.0929] Confirming the LHC Higgs Discovery with WW
[1212.2726] Emergent Higgs from hidden dimensions
[hep-ph/0201098] WW scattering at the LHC
[1212.3598] High Energy WW Scattering at the LHC with the Matrix Element Method
[1212.4436] Fox-Wolfram Moments in Higgs Physics
[1212.4158] Longitudinal WW scattering in light of the "Higgs" discovery
[1212.4652] Anomalous Higgs Couplings as a Window to New Physics
[1212.5244] Higgs Couplings at the End of 2012
[1212.5581] The measurement of the Higgs self-coupling at the LHC: theoretical status
[1301.1695] Electroweak W+W-jj prodution at NLO in QCD matched with parton shower in the POWHEG-BOX
[1301.4965] Probing the spin-parity of the Higgs boson via jet kinematics in vector boson fusion
[1301.4570] Spontaneous Spacetime Reduction and Unitary Weak Boson Scattering at the LHC
[1302.0846] Jet Mass Spectra in Higgs + One Jet at NNLL
[1302.5437] NLO Uncertainties in Higgs + 2 jets from Gluon Fusion
[1302.5694] Status of invisible Higgs decays
[1302.6216] Higgs boson production in association with a jet at next-to-next-to-leading order in perturbative QCD
[1303.0989] Physics of the Interplay Between the Top Quark and the Higgs Boson
[1303.3192] Comparison of leading and next-to-leading logarithmic electroweak corrections to Higgs production
[1303.3158] Revisiting the Higgs sector of the Standard Model
[1303.3590] Higgs production in gluon fusion beyond NNLO
[1303.3879] Updated Global Analysis of Higgs Couplings
CMS, 4-lepton plots
[1303.1812] Higgs At Last
[1303.6335] WW Scattering in the Era of Post Higgs Discovery
[1303.6591] The couplings of the Higgs boson and its CP properties from fits of the signal strengths and their ratios at the 7+8 TeV LHC
[1304.0213] Search for a standard-model-like Higgs boson with a mass of up to 1 TeV at the LHC
[1304.0080] Zeros of the $W_L Z_L \rightarrow W_L Z_L$ amplitude: With or without a light Higgs
[1304.0251] Vector Bosons Signals of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
[1304.0293] What can we learn from the 126 GeV Higgs boson for the Planck scale physics ? - Hierarchy problem and the stability of the vacuum -
[1304.0386] Precision vs discovery: a simple benchmark
[1304.3053] Signal-background interference effects for $gg \to H \to W^+ W^-$ beyond leading order
[1304.4599] New light on WW scattering at the LHC with W jet tagging
[1304.4936] Geolocating the Higgs Boson Candidate at the LHC
[1304.7927] Higgs production through vector-boson fusion at the NLO matched with parton showers
[1305.0125] Search for resonant diboson production in the lvjj decay channels with the ATLAS detector at 7 TeV
[1305.0663] Probing the nature of the Higgs-like Boson via h -&gt; VF decays
[1305.0920] Higgs couplings as a probe of New Physics
[1305.1624] Heavy Higgs Searches and Constraints on Two Higgs Doublet Models
[1305.1883] Higgs Spin Determination in the WW channel and beyond
[1305.3854] Bounding the Higgs Boson Width Through Interferometry
[1305.0251] Weak Boson Scattering and Gravitational Interaction of Higgs Boson
[1305.4635] Higgs Couplings after Moriond
[1305.5206] Two-loop virtual corrections to Higgs pair production
[1305.5431] EWSB from strongly-coupled dynamics: an EFT approach and implications for WW production
[1305.6397] How well do we need to measure the Higgs boson mass and self-coupling?
[1305.6652] The hierarchy problem of the electroweak Standard Model revisited
[1306.1564] Far from standard Higgs couplings
[1306.2542] Merging HW/HZ + 0 and 1 jet at NLO with no merging scale using the POWHEG BOX interfaced to GoSam
SWGuideHiggsAnalysisCombinedLimit < CMS < TWiki
[1306.2941] Global fit to Higgs signal strengths and couplings and implications for extended Higgs sectors
[1307.1347] Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 3. Higgs Properties
[1307.1432] Evidence for the spin-0 nature of the Higgs boson using ATLAS data
[1307.1427] Measurements of Higgs boson production and couplings in diboson final states with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
[1307.1808] Jet p_T Resummation in Higgs Production at NNLL'+NNLO
[1307.8170] Simplified Models for New Physics in Vector Boson Scattering - Input for Snowmass 2013
[1308.0545] The Higgs: so simple yet so unnatural
[1308.0559] Higgs Couplings in Composite Models
cms-analysis/ElectroWeakAnalysis-VPlusJets · GitHub
Contribute to ElectroWeakAnalysis-VPlusJets development by creating an account on GitHub.
[1309.0017] NNLOPS simulation of Higgs boson production
[1309.3805] Measuring the Higgs boson self-coupling at the LHC using ratios of cross sections
[1309.4171] CP mixed property of the Higgs-like particle in the decay channel $h\to Z Z^*\to 4l$
[1309.4819] Constraining anomalous HVV interactions at proton and lepton colliders
[1309.5015] Resummation Prediction on Higgs and Vector Boson Associated Production with a Jet Veto at the LHC
[1309.5273] Probing Higgs couplings with high p_T Higgs production
[1309.5410] Higgs boson signal at complete tree level in the SM extension by dimension-six operators
[1309.6318] Di-Higgs final states augMT2ed -- selecting $hh$ events at the high luminosity LHC
[1309.6594] Higgs pair production at NNLO
[1309.6619] Constraining Higgs Properties in Associated Production
[1310.0763] ILC Higgs White Paper
[1310.1084] Further on up the road: $hhjj$ production at the LHC
[1310.1385] Constraints on CP-violating Higgs couplings to the third generation
[1310.1397] The role of interference in unraveling the ZZ-couplings of the newly discovered boson at the LHC
HEFT2013 - Higgs Effective Field theories (09-11 October 2013)
[1310.2918] Littlest Higgs with T-parity: Status and Prospects
[1310.3634] Discovering extra Higgs boson via pair production of the SM-like Higgs bosons
[1310.5150] Phenomenology of the Higgs Effective Lagrangian via FeynRules
[1310.5733] Remarks on analyticity and unitarity in the presence of a Strongly Interacting Light Higgs
[1310.6034] Buckets of Higgs and Tops
[1310.7941] Towards a general analysis of LHC data within two-Higgs-doublet models
[1310.8361] Higgs Working Group Report of the Snowmass 2013 Community Planning Study
[1311.0055] HiggsBounds-4: Improved Tests of Extended Higgs Sectors against Exclusion Bounds from LEP, the Tevatron and the LHC
[1311.1232] NLO QCD corrections to $pp\rightarrow e^+\nu_e\mu^+\nu_\mu jj$ in vector-boson fusion at the LHC
[1311.1823] Disentangling a dynamical Higgs
[1311.1829] Higgs characterisation via vector-boson fusion and associated production: NLO and parton shower effects
[1311.2931] Higgs-Pair Production and Measurement of the Triscalar Coupling at LHC(8,14)
[1311.3040] BSM Theories Face Higgs Coupling data
[1311.3589] Bounding the Higgs width at the LHC using full analytic results for gg -&gt; 2e 2\mu
[1311.5156] Remarks on double Higgs boson production by gluon fusion at threshold
[1311.5993] One-loop W_L W_L and Z_L Z_L scattering from the Electroweak Chiral Lagrangian with a light Higgs-like scalar
[1311.6386] Direct detection of dark matter in universal bound states
[1311.6721] Study of the 125 GeV Standard Model Higgs Boson Partial Widths and Branching Fractions
[1311.7155] Potential Precision on Higgs Couplings and Total Width at the ILC
[1311.7493] Higgs couplings and electroweak observables: a comparison of precision tests
[1312.1628] Bounding the Higgs width at the LHC: complementary results from $H \to WW$
[1312.2397] Higgs CAT
[1312.3235] Electroweak and supersymmetry breaking from the Higgs discovery
HIG13027QA < CMS < TWiki
[1312.3324] Higgs from the Top
[1310.6192] Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to $HZW^{\pm}$ production at 14 TeV LHC
[1312.3830] Higgs Pair Production: Improved Description by Matrix Element Matching
[1208.3436] Precision Higgs coupling measurements at the LHC through ratios of production cross sections
[1312.4260] Pair production of 125 GeV Higgs boson in the SM extension with color-octet scalars at the LHC
[1312.4268] $W' \to hH^{\pm}$ decay in $G(221)$ models
[1312.4535] Combining Resummed Higgs Predictions Across Jet Bins
[1312.4956] Anomalous Higgs-boson coupling effects in HWW production at the LHC
[1312.4974] Estimation of LHC and ILC Capabilities for Precision Higgs Boson Coupling Measurements
[1312.4992] Exotic Decays of the 125 GeV Higgs Boson
[1312.5233] Implications of Improved Higgs Mass Calculations for Supersymmetric Models
[1312.5571] Recommendations for the evaluation of Higgs production cross sections and branching ratios at the LHC in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model
[1312.5672] Higgs Physics
[1312.5329] Vector-like leptons: Higgs decays and collider phenomenology
[1312.5736] Disentangling Higgs-Top Couplings in Associated Production
[1401.0007] Higgs Boson pair production merged to one jet
[1401.0018] LHC Accessible Second Higgs Boson in the Left-Right Model
[1401.7340] Higgs pair production at the LHC with NLO and parton-shower effects
[1401.7754] NNLO QCD corrections to Higgs pair production via vector boson fusion at hadron colliders
[1401.7971] Uncertainties in MEPS@NLO calculations of h+jets
[1402.0666] Strongly Interacting Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Sector with a Higgs-like light scalar

December 12th

Core dump of recent articles on VV (diboson) final states

EWK Mjj Task List
D0 paper
CDF paper
Index of /aperloff/CMS_HWWlvjj/
Single Top-Quark Production ATLAS
Rivet < CMS < TWiki
MCFM install instructions
Personal website of David Hall, a PhD student working in experimental particle physics.
SherpaInterface < CMS < TWiki
EWK Mjj team results
EWKMjjinWplus2jetsSummer2011 < CMS < TWiki
Mjj study - Monte Carlo Validation
Monte-Carlo Data Base
Public twiki
CERN Document Server: Study of the dijet mass spectrum in W+2 jets events
The invariant mass spectrum of the two jets with the highest transverse momenta in events with two or three jets, produced in association with a W boson, is presented. The analyzed data sample corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 4.7~fb${}^{-1}$ collected with the CMS detector at $\sqrt{s} = 7$ TeV. The observed dijet mass distribution is modeled empirically with a set of templates obtained from simulated event samples. We set an upper limit of 1.3~pb at 95\% confidence level on the production cross section times W$\to\ell\nu$ branching fraction for a generic Gaussian signal peaked at 150~GeV. %%which corresponds to a cross %%section of 1.5~pb at the Tevatron. Several theoretical models that predict a resonant enhancement near 150 GeV are excluded.
Measurement of WW/WZ cross section <br> in lνjj using 4.3 fb^-1
Re: W+N Jets MG samples (LHEEventProduct VS PREP cross-sections)
EgammaElectronEnergyScale < CMS < TWiki
SMP-12-015-ARC < CMS < TWiki
Hppernews: Review of SMP-12-015
PhysicsResultsEWK11017 < CMSPublic < TWiki
ICHEP2012 (04-11 July 2012)
ICHEP2012 (04-11 July 2012)
[hep-ph/0003275] Electroweak Physics
[1207.0236] NNLO corrections to top-pair production at hadron colliders: the all-fermionic scattering channels
[1208.3477] Study of the dijet mass spectrum in pp to W + jets events at sqrt(s)=7 TeV
PubDetector < CMS/Internal < TWiki
[1208.5458v1] Limits on anomalous trilinear gauge boson couplings from WW, WZ and Wgamma production in pp-bar collisions at sqrt{s}=1.96 TeV
PhysicsResultsSMP12015 < CMS < TWiki
StandardModelPublicResults < AtlasPublic < TWiki
PhysicsResultsSMP12015 < CMSPublic < TWiki
[1209.4595] WZ production beyond NLO for high-pT observables
[1209.6401] $WWZ/\gamma$ production in large extra dimensions model at LHC and ILC
VBFNLO < Main < TWiki
6.3 Triple and Quartic Gauge Boson Couplings
6.3 Triple and Quartic Gauge Boson Couplings
Question #206557 : Questions : MadGraph5
Dear MadGraph Authors, I am working on the Wgammagamma cross section measurement at LHC. We would like to design our measurement so that it is mostly sensitive to the quartic coupling WWgammagamma. I enter the input process "p p > w+ a a" in the Madgraph webpage and look at the diagrams. The quartic WWgammagamma diagram is diagram 3 if you look at the diagram plot. In order to study the effect of this quartic diagram, I though about some strategies: 1. Isolate the quartic diagram only 2. Exc...
[1210.7544] Measurement of the sum of WW and WZ production with W+dijet events in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV
[1211.1641] Probing W+W-gamma Production and Anomalous Quartic Gauge Boson Couplings at the CERN LHC
[hep-ex/0311004] Measurement of the e+e- -&gt; W+W-gamma Cross-section and Limits on Anomalous Quartic Gauge Couplings with DELPHI
[hep-ph/0104057] Probing anomalous quartic gauge-boson couplings via e+e- --&gt; 4fermions+gamma
[hep-ex/0111029] Study of the W+W-gamma Process and Limits on Anomalous Quartic Gauge Boson Couplings at LEP
[hep-ex/9910069] Measurement of the W+W-gamma Cross-section and First direct Limits on Anomalous Electroweak Quartic Gauge Couplings
[1211.6800] Triple $Z^0$-boson production in large extra dimensions model at ILC
[1211.7278] Merging Multi-leg NLO Matrix Elements with Parton Showers
[1301.5217] The decays of on-shell and off-shell polarized gauge bosons into massive quark pairs at NLO QCD
[1302.5816] Same sign diboson signature from supersymmetry models with light higgsinos at the LHC
PhysicsResultsSMPaTGC < CMSPublic < TWiki
[1303.5447] W and Z bosons in association with two jets using the POWHEG method
[1303.5696] Light stops emerging in WW cross section measurements?
[1304.1151] Determining Triple Gauge Boson Couplings from Higgs Data
[1304.3514] CP violating anomalous couplings in $W\gamma$ and $Z\gamma$ production at the LHC
Anomalous Quartic Gauge Couplings (30 September 2013 - 02 October 2013)
AnomQuarticGaugeCoup < CMS < TWiki
[1305.0621] Trilinear gauge boson couplings in the standard model with one universal extra dimension
[1305.1623] WZ production in association with two jets at NLO in QCD
[1305.5402] Vector-boson pair production at the LHC to $\mathcal{O}(\alpha^3)$ accuracy
[1305.5979] The CERN LHC Sensitivity on measuring WZGamma Production and Anomalous WWZGamma Coupling
[1307.3249] Threshold Resummed and Approximate NNLO results for W+W- Pair Production at the LHC
[1307.4331] Massive gauge boson pair production at the LHC: a next-to-leading order story
[1307.7013] Drell-Yan, ZZ, W+W- production in SM & ADD model to NLO+PS accuracy at the LHC
[1307.7520] Transverse-Momentum Resummation for Gauge Boson Pair Production at the Hadron Collider
[1308.0320] Boosted di-boson from a mixed heavy stop
SMP-13-008-ARC < CMS < TWiki
[1309.3245] Transverse-momentum spectra of electroweak bosons near threshold at NNLO
[1309.7201] Subleading processes in production of $W^+ W^-$ pairs in proton-proton collisions
[1309.7293] WW production at high transverse momenta beyond NLO
[1310.3972] Full NLO massive gauge boson pair production at the LHC
[1311.1365] W+W-, WZ and ZZ production in the POWHEG BOX V2
[1311.4523] Unitarizing $VV$ Scattering in Light Higgs Scenarios
[1311.6738] Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to $W^+W^+$ and $W^-W^-$ production in association with two jets
[1311.6815] Anomalous gauge couplings from composite Higgs and warped extra dimensions
[1312.2014] Renormalization Group Evolution of the Standard Model Dimension Six Operators III: Gauge Coupling Dependence and Phenomenology
[1312.3252] Electroweak $ZZjj$ production in the Standard Model and beyond in the POWHEG-BOX V2
[1312.4220] NNLO W Pair Production at the LHC: Status Report
[1312.5153] Probing new physics in diphoton production with proton tagging at the Large Hadron Collider
[1312.5666] NLO QCD corrections to WWbb production
[1401.3964] Vector-boson pair production and electroweak corrections in HERWIG++
[1402.0505] Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to $W \gamma$ production in association with two jets

December 16th

Core dump of recent articles on VVγ final states

Index of ftp://hepfarm02.phy.pku.edu.cn/pub/CMS/daneng/aQGC_model/
AnomQuarticGaugeCoup < CMS < TWiki
WWA_aGC < CMS < TWiki
WVgamma < CMS < TWiki
Working Group on Electroweak precision measurements at the LHC (15-16 April 2013)
WVgammaQA < CMS < TWiki
[1305.0021] Dark matter coupling to electroweak gauge and Higgs bosons: an effective field theory approach
[1305.1258] Search for anomalous quartic WW{\gamma}{\gamma} couplings in dielectron and missing energy final states in ppbar collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV
ShihChiehHsuStandardModel < Main < TWiki
LPC Workshop on Gauge Boson Couplings (19-21 August 2013)
[1307.2261] Di-boson and Tri-boson production at the LHC
[1307.7403] NLO corrections to WWZ production at the LHC
[1307.7526] Enhancements of weak gauge boson scattering processes at the CERN LHC
Anomalous Quartic Gauge Couplings (30 September 2013 - 02 October 2013)
[1309.7259] W &gamma; production in vector boson fusion at NLO in QCD
[1309.7822] On LHC searches for CP-violating, dimension-6 electroweak gauge boson operators
[1309.7890] Monte Carlo tools for studies of non-standard electroweak gauge boson interactions in multi-boson processes: A Snowmass White Paper
[1310.0946] Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to $HW^{\pm}\gamma$ production at the LHC
[1310.4369] NLO QCD corrections to WZjj production at the LHC
Models/EWdim6 – MadGraph
[1310.4838] Renormalization Group Evolution of the Standard Model Dimension Six Operators II: Yukawa Dependence
[1310.6159] NLO WWZ production at the LHC
[1311.1370] Anomalous quartic $WW\gamma\gamma$ and $ZZ\gamma\gamma$ couplings in $\gamma p$ collision at the LHC
[1311.3107] Electroweak Effective Operators and Higgs Physics
SMP13009CWRQA < CMS < TWiki
SMP13009FRQA < CMS < TWiki

December 19th

Other articles I plan to read during the holidays break

[1303.6154] The GIM Mechanism: origin, predictions and recent uses
[1303.6065] The QCD Running Coupling and its Measurement
[1303.6254] The total top quark pair production cross-section at hadron colliders through O(alpha_S^4)
[1303.5830] Reconciling the Muon g-2 and Dark Matter Relic Density with the LHC Results in Nonuniversal Gaugino Mass Models
[1303.6291] Hadroproduction of t anti-t pair with a b anti-b pair with PowHel
[1304.0255] Coloron Models and LHC Phenomenology
[1304.0322] Charge Asymmetry of Weak Boson Production at the LHC and the Charm Content of the Proton
WprimeToWZReview8TeV < CMS < TWiki
[1304.1253] Next-to-Leading Order W + 5-Jet Production at the LHC
Snowmass Energy Frontier Workshop (03-06 April 2013)
[1304.2424] Ratios of W and Z cross sections at large boson p_T as a constraint on PDFs and background to new physics
[1304.4670] $J/\psi$ production associated with a $W$-boson at the $7 TeV$ LHC
[1305.2627] Tsallis Fits to pT Spectra and Relativistic Hard Scattering in pp Collisions at LHC
[1305.4202] Electroweak Sudakov effects in W, Z and gamma production at large transverse momentum
[1305.4620] Scale choice & collinear contributions to Mueller-Navelet jets at LHC energies
[1305.4833] PDF uncertainties in the determination of the W boson mass and of the effective lepton mixing angle at the LHC
[1305.5246] Combining Higher-Order Resummation with Multiple NLO Calculations and Parton Showers in the GENEVA Monte Carlo Framework
[1305.5482] Particle Physics in The United States, A Personal View
[1305.6391] The Role of Electroweak Corrections for the Dark Matter Relic Abundance
[1305.6779] Introduction to the STANDARD MODEL of the Electro-Weak Interactions
[1305.6837] Electroweak Sudakov Corrections to New Physics Searches at the CERN LHC
[1210.0438] Weak radiative corrections to dijet production at hadron colliders
[1306.0571] The global electroweak Standard Model fit after the Higgs discovery
[1306.1537] Top-quark pair production at high invariant mass: an NNLO soft plus virtual approximation
[1301.2184] Penalized Splines for Smooth Representation of High-dimensional Monte Carlo Datasets
[1306.6298] Weak radiative corrections to dijet production at the LHC
[1306.6352] The International Linear Collider Technical Design Report - Volume 2: Physics
[1306.6327] The International Linear Collider Technical Design Report - Volume 1: Executive Summary
[1307.1843] How well can we guess theoretical uncertainties?
[1307.2487] Statistics for Searches at the LHC
[1307.2252] Simulated NNLO for high-pT observables in vector boson + jets production at the LHC
[1307.3546] The Matrix Element Method: Past, Present, and Future
[1307.7135] Projected Performance of an Upgraded CMS Detector at the LHC and HL-LHC: Contribution to the Snowmass Process
[1307.7121] Minimal physical constraints on the angular distributions of two-body boson decays
[1307.7292] Physics at a High-Luminosity LHC with ATLAS
[1307.7834] Prospects for collider searches for dark matter with heavy quarks
[1308.6176] First Look at the Physics Case of TLEP
[1308.6323] A basis of dimension-eight operators for anomalous neutral triple gauge boson interactions
[1308.6637] DIS and Beyond
[1309.1057] Snowmass Energy Frontier Simulations
[1309.3552] Differential cross sections for top-pair and single-top production
[1309.4736] Estimates of the Cross Section of the Production of Z Boson and J/{\psi} at the LHC
[1309.5966] Electroweakinos in the Light of the Higgs Boson
[1309.6534] Measurement of D0-D0bar mixing parameters and search for CP violation using D0-&gt;K+pi- decays
[1309.6585] Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to five jet production at the LHC
[1309.6747] Challenges for QCD theory - some personal reflections -
[1309.7000] Z\gamma\ production at hadron colliders in NNLO QCD
[1310.0108] Neutrino Experiments and the LHC: Friends Across 14 Orders of Magnitude
[1310.1564] Next-to-leading order electroweak corrections to pp -&gt; W+W- -&gt; 4 leptons at the LHC in double-pole approximation
[1310.1819] Design and Testing of a Wireless Demonstrator for Large Instrumentation Systems
[1310.1724] NNLO contributions to jet photoproduction and determination of \alpha_s
[1310.1921] FeynRules 2.0 - A complete toolbox for tree-level phenomenology
[1310.2057] Precision tests of unitarity in leptonic mixing
[1310.2256] Two-loop fermionic electroweak corrections to the Z-boson width and production rate
[1310.2786] Constraints to new physics models for the proton charge radius puzzle from the decay $K^+ \rightarrow \mu^+ +\nu + e^- + e^+$
[1310.2808] The BlackHat Library for One-Loop Amplitudes
[1310.3300] Hadron production in e+e- annihilation at BaBar, and implication for the muon anomalous magnetic moment
[1310.3594] Accurate Bottom-Quark Mass from Borel QCD Sum Rules for the Decay Constants of $B$ and $B_s$ Mesons
[1310.3993] NNLO QCD corrections to jet production at hadron colliders from gluon scattering
[1310.5332] Particle physics @ $\sqrt{s_{pp}}$ &gt; 50 TeV with the Pierre Auger Observatory
[1310.5477] Probing the origin of cosmic-rays with extremely high energy neutrinos using the IceCube Observatory
[1310.5662] Snowmass Cosmic Frontiers 6 (CF6) Working Group Summary --The Bright Side of the Cosmic Frontier: Cosmic Probes of Fundamental Physics
[1310.5353] A brief introduction to modern amplitude methods
[1310.5419] Common Radiative Origin of Active and Sterile Neutrino Masses
[1310.5758] Toward Full LHC Coverage of Natural Supersymmetry
[1310.6732] Spectral measurement of electron antineutrino oscillation amplitude and frequency at Daya Bay
[1310.6708] Study of Electroweak Interactions at the Energy Frontier
[1310.7192] Approximate next-to-next-to-leading order corrections to hadronic jet production
[1310.7534] Order of Magnitude Smaller Limit on the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron
[1310.7439] Ntuples for NLO Events at Hadron Colliders
[1310.7601] Higgs Boson Cross Section from CTEQ-TEA Global Analysis
[1303.2732] Higgs Boson -- on Your Own
[1310.8628] Measurement of the $W$ boson mass with the D0 detector
[1311.0212] Baseline optimization for the measurement of CP violation and mass hierarchy in a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment
P5 Face-to-Face Meeting #1 (02-November 4, 2013)
[1311.0299] New Particles Working Group Report of the Snowmass 2013 Community Summer Study
[1311.0286] Matching Fully Differential NNLO Calculations and Parton Showers
[1311.0894] A precise measurement of the $W$-boson mass with the Collider Detector at Fermilab
[1311.1076] Report of the Quark Flavor Physics Working Group
[1311.2028] Snowmass 2013 Top quark working group report
[1311.1822] Quantifying the sensitivity of oscillation experiments to the neutrino mass ordering
[1311.1906] A practical GMSB model for explaining the muon (g-2) with gauge coupling unification
[1311.2198] The Muon (g-2) Theory Value: Present and Future
[1311.2567] Snowmass Computing Frontier: Software Development, Staffing and Training
[1310.5189] Report of the Snowmass 2013 energy frontier QCD working group
[1311.4076] A comment on estimating sensitivity to neutrino mass hierarchy in neutrino experiments
[1311.4750] Observation of Electron Neutrino Appearance in a Muon Neutrino Beam
[1311.3183] On the Bayesian approach to neutrino mass ordering
[1311.4496] Connecting Leptonic Unitarity Triangle to Neutrino Oscillation
[1311.4542] Angular Distributions as Lifetime Probes
[1311.4890] The full electroweak Standard Model prediction for (g-2) of the muon and improvements on the MSSM prediction
[1311.5287] T2HK: J-PARC upgrade plan for future and beyond T2K
[1311.5234] Jet Veto Clustering Logarithms Beyond Leading Order
[1311.5238] Evidence for High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at the IceCube Detector
[1311.5266] HERWIRI2: Exponentiated Electroweak Corrections in a Hadronic Event Generator
[1311.5491] Next-to-leading-order electroweak corrections to pp-&gt;WW-&gt;4 leptons in double-pole approximation at the LHC
[1311.5703] The Effect of LHC Jet Data on MSTW PDFs
[1311.5811] Event-by-event weighting at next-to-leading order
[1311.6478] Monotop phenomenology at the Large Hadron Collider
[1311.6479] Lattice understanding of the Delta I=1/2 rule & some implications
[1311.7524] Lower bound on neutrino mass and possible CP violation in neutrino oscillations
[1312.2878] Status of three-neutrino oscillation parameters, circa 2013
[1312.3972] Disentangling radiative corrections using high-mass Drell-Yan at the LHC
[1312.4804] Status of hadronic light-by-light scattering in the muon g-2
[1312.5000] Mass distributions marginalized over per-event errors
[1312.5250] The CMSSM and NUHM1 after LHC Run 1
[1312.5267] On the LHCb anomaly in B -&gt; K* l+ l-
[1312.5426] Supersymmetric Fits after the Higgs Discovery and Implications for Model Building
[1312.5720] Sharpening $m_{T2}$ cusps: the mass determination of semi-invisibly decaying particles from a resonance
[1312.6587] Cosmic Neutrino Pevatrons: A Brand New Pathway to Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Particle Physics
[1312.6520] The mass-hierarchy and CP-violation discovery reach of the LBNO long-baseline neutrino experiment
[1401.5238] Weak Gauge Boson Radiation in Parton Showers
[1401.7611] Accessing the Transverse Dynamics and the Polarization of the Gluons inside the Proton at the LHC
[1402.0492] Fastlim: a fast LHC limit calculator
[1402.0618] Measurement of e+e- to hadrons cross sections at BABAR, and implication for the muon g-2
[1402.1178] Computing decay rates for new physics theories with FeynRules and MadGraph5/aMC@NLO
[1402.1203] On $Z \to \gamma \gamma$ decay and cancellation of axial anomaly in $Z \to \gamma \gamma$ transition amplitude for massive fermions
[1402.1608] A comparison of Monte Carlo generators
[1402.2658] Criteria for Natural Hierarchies
Z boson | A Quantum Diaries Survivor
Posts about Z boson written by dorigo
[1402.6263] Measurement of the production of a W boson in association with a charm quark in pp collisions at sqrt(s)=7 TeV with the ATLAS detector
[1402.6293] Next-to-leading order QCD predictions for top-quark pair production with up to two jets merged with a parton shower
Measurement of the Differential Cross Section of W-Bosons Produced in Association with Jets in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 7$ TeV - CERN Document Server
We present measurements of the cross-section for the production of W+jets, where the W decays to produce a muon, as a function of several variables, including the transverse momenta and pseudorapidity of the four leading jets, the scalar sum of jet transverse momenta, and the difference in azimuthal angle between each jet and the muon. The data sample corresponds to 5.0 inverse femtobarns of pp collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 7 TeV, collected with the CMS detector at the LHC. The measured cross-sections are compared to predictions from Monte Carlo generators, MadGraph+Pythia and Sherpa, and to NLO calculations from BlackHat+Sherpa.

December 23rd

Quick recap of numerical analysis basics

Root finding: Newton's method
Iterative solution of the equation f(x) = 0 is given by

xn+1 = xn − f(xn) / f ' (xn)

Iterative solution of the equations f(x,y) = 0, g(x,y) = 0 is given by

xn+1 = xn − A(xn, yn) / Jacobian
yn+1 = yn − B(xn, yn) / Jacobian,

where A = matrix (f   g   ∂fy   ∂gy)
          B = matrix (g   f   ∂gx   ∂fx)
          Jacobian = (∂fx   ∂fy   ∂gx   ∂gy)

Unique solution only if Jacobian ≠ 0.

Example 1: Find √2 from the first principle.
f(x) = x^2 - 2,   f'(x) = 2x

f(1) < 0 while f(1.5) > 0. Let's pick x_0 = 1.5 

x_1 = 1.5 - 0.25/3 =  1.4166
x_2 = 1.4166 - 0.0069/(2*1.4166) = 1.4142

Example 2: Find a root of f(x) = x6 −x −1.

Since f(1) <0 and f(1.5)>0, let's pick x_0 = 1.5.
f'(x) = 6*x^5 -1

Therefore, x_1  = 1.5 - (11.4 - 1.5 -1)/(6*7.6 -1) = 1.28

Example 3: Solve f(x) = x3 −2x −5 up to 2 decimal places.

f(2) * f(3) <0, therefore a root lies between 2 and 3. Let's pick x_0 = 2.
f'(x) = 3x^2 -2

Therefore, x_1 = 2 - (8-4-5)/(3*8-2) = 2.04 
           x_2 = 2.04 - (-0.59)/10.48 = 2.09

Example 4: Find a root of the equation sin x = 1 −x.

f(x) = x + sin x -1 
f'(x) = 1 + cos x

f(0) < 0 while f(1) > 0. Let's pick x_0 = 0.

x_1 = 0 - (-1)/(2) = 0.5
x_2 = 0.5 - (-0.011) = 0.511

Example 5: Find a root of the equation xex =1.

f(x) = x*e^x -1
f'(x) = xe^x + e^x 

f(0) < 0 while f(1) > 0. Let's pick x_0 = 1.
x_1 = 1 - 0.316 = 0.684
x_2 = 0.684 - 0.107 = 0.577

Example 6: Find a real root of the equation x2 −y2 = 4 and x2 + y2 = 16.

f = x^2 - y^2 -4
g = x^2 + y^2 -16

We obtain the first approximation by assuming x=y which gives 
x_0 = y_0 = 2*sqrt(2) 

df_x = 2x
df_y = -2y
dg_x = 2x
dg_y = 2y

A(x_0, y_0) = matrix (f  g  df_y  dg_y)  
B(x_0, y_0) = matrix (g  f  dg_x  df_x)
Jacobian = (df_x  df_y  dg_x  dg_y)
x_1 = x_0 - A(x0, y0) / Jacobian = 3.182
y_1 = y_0 - B(x0, y0) / Jacobian = 2.474

Similarly,  x_2 = 3.162, y_2 = 2.450

Numerical differentiation

dy/dx = (1/h) * [D − D2/2 + D3/3 − D4/4 + ...],
d2y/dx2 = (1/h2) * [D2 − D3 + 11/12 4 − 5/6 D5 + 1/30 D6 − ...],
where Dn is the nth order finite difference.

Example: Given
x       1.0         1.2          1.4        1.6          1.8          2.0          2.2
y       2.7183   3.3201   4.0552   4.9530   6.0496   7.3891   9.0250

Compute dy/dx and d2y/dx2 at x = 1.2.
Finite differences 

x         y      D       D^2       D^3      D^4    D^5     D^6
1.0   2.7183    0.6018   0.1333   0.0294   0.0067  0.0013  0.0001 
1.2   3.3201    0.7351   0.1627   0.0361   0.0080  0.0014
1.4   4.0552    0.8978   0.1988   0.0441   0.0094
1.6   4.9530    1.0966   0.2429   0.0535
1.8   6.0496    1.3395   0.2964
2.0   7.3891    1.6359
2.2   9.0250

Therefore, for x = 1.2 the first and second order differentials are 

dy/dx = (1/0.2)*[0.7351 - 1/2 * 0.1627 + 1/3* 0.0361 - 1/4 * 0.0080 + 1/5 * 0.0014 - 1/6 * 0.0001] 
      = 3.3205

d^2y/dx^2 = (1/0.04) [0.1627 - 0.0361 + 11/12 * 0.0080 - 5/6 * 0.0014 + 0] 
          = 3.318

Newton's interpolation formula

Given a set of n+1 values: (x0,y0), (x1,y1), (x2,y2), ..., (xn,yn), we can find a polynomial of nth degree that satisfies these values
yn(x) = y0 + p*D + [p(p − 1)/2!] * D2 + [p(p− 1)(p − 2)/3!] D3 + ... up to Dn term,
where p = (x − x0)/h , h being the difference in successive values of x. D is the finite difference.

Numerical integration: Trapezoidal rule

ab y dx   =   (h/2)*   [y0 +   2*(y1 + y2 + ... + yn-1)   + yn],   where h = (b − a)/n.

Example: Evaluate ∫01 1/(1+x) dx.
Let's take n = 5, h = 0.2.
f(x) = 1/(1+x)
y0 = 1
y1 = 1/1.2 
y2 = 1/1.4
y3 = 1/1.6
y4 = 1/1.8 
y5 = 1/2

Integral = 0.1 * [1 + 2*(1/1.2 + 1/1.4 + 1/1.6 +1/1.8) + 0.5] = 0.6956

Solution of ordinary differential eqn: Runge-Kutta method

Given dy/dx = f(x, y) with the initial condition y(x0) = y0, the numerical solution for y(x) = y1 is given by

y1   =  y0 + 1/6 * (k1 + 2k2 + 2k3 + k4),
k1   =  h * f(x0,            y0          )                       h = x1 − x0
k2   =  h * f(x0 + h/2,  y0 + k1/2)
k3   =  h * f(x0 + h/2,  y0 + k2/2)
k4   =  h * f(x0 + h,      y0 + k3  )

Example: Given dy/dx = y − x,   y(0) = 2. Find y(0.1).
h = 0.1
f(x, y) = y -x 
x0 = 0, y0 = 2
f(x0, y0) = 2

k1 = 0.1 * f(x0, y0) = 0.2
k2 = 0.1 * f(0.05, 2.1) = 0.2050
k3 = 0.1 * f(0.05, 2.102) = 0.2052
k4 = 0.1 * f(0.1, 2.2052) = 0.2105     

Therefore, y1 = 2 + 1/6 * (0.2 + 2 * 0.2050 + 2 * 0.2052 + 0.2105) = 2.2052

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