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October 10th

Some Snowmass2013 recipe links I frequently need to refer to

NPSnowmass2013Samples < CMSPublic < TWiki
NPSnowmass2013Samples < CMS < TWiki
SnowmassCommonBackgrounds.ppt - access
Index of /Snowmass/Delphes-
SnowMass2013 < Main < TWiki
Indico [HEP]
DelphesTutorial < CMS < TWiki

October 24th

Tweaks to run the Higgs fitting code in an automated way

Needed for optimization. From an ElectroWeakAnalysis/VPlusJets/test directory:
tar czf HWWFitting.tar.gz -T filesForHWWFit.txt -X excludeForHWWFit.txt

mkdir HWWFitMVA0.5

cp HWWFitting.tar.gz HWWFitMVA0.5

cd HWWFitMVA0.5/

tar xzf HWWFitting.tar.gz

python pyroot_logon.py
At this point there is a macro that will do the runHiggsNew.py
$ runHiggsNew.py --help
Usage: runHiggsNew.py [options]

   -h, --help    show this help message and exit
   --electrons   do electrons instead of muons
   --mva=MVACUT  override cut value for mva
   --doShapes    do the shapes fits
   --doFit       do the spectrum fit
With only options and no mass points it will do all of them. You can also pass in mass arguments. So something like this
runHiggsNew.py --doShapes --doFit --mva 0.5
will run all of the muon mass points with an mva cut of 0.5
runHiggsNew.py --doShapes --doFit --electrons 400 450
will run the electrons for 400 and 450 with the default mva cut values.

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