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May 17th

iWork and other free software at cern

Link to download CERN licensed version of iWork

Here are the links for other free software from CERN for macs.


Click on DFS area for the Macintosh software: https://dfsweb.web.cern.ch/dfsweb/Services/DFS/DFSBrowser.aspx/Departments/IT/Services/MacSupport/

Clicking on windows here brings you to the CERN Nice page: http://it-dep-archive.web.cern.ch/it-dep-archive/gencomputing/default.asp

May 24th

Synergy on mac and desktop

Latest recipe from Jake Anderson. Jake has gotten synergy successfully between macbook and linux desktop. Running version 1.3.8 on both. Had to download and compile the source for the desktop. Then run the server there using the command
synergys --no-xinitthreads ...
On macbook use the following command
synergyc -1 --name macbook121435.dhcp.fnal.gov lpcdt063.fnal.gov
Need to tweak it appropriately. Cannot get the clipboard to transfer between the machines.

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