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April 3rd

Some useful links related to BOOST2012 performance studies

BOOST2012-pileup < Main < TWiki
Index of /TeraScale/boost2011
BOOST 2012 Performance Studies
BOOST 2012 Performance Studies

April 11th

CMS is moving to Git

The plan is to host CMSSW on http://github.com by summer 2013.
Evolving FAQ for the process http://cms-sw.github.com/cmssw/faq.html
No vendor lock-in, git distributed design allows safe & easy migration from one hosting service to another.
We will have read-only mirrors at CERN and FNAL which can become master if needed.

Git is fully distributed by design, however there will be one main, authoritative CMSSW repository


The CMSSW_X_Y_Z release branches will be the equivalent of our tag collector queues.
Topic branches will be the equivalent of our tagsets.
Personal repositories become your personal HEAD.

More details in this presentation: https://indico.cern.ch/event/241277/contribution/143

Here is the CMSSW migration guide: http://cms-sw.github.io/cmssw/faq.html

Here is the UserCode guide: http://cms-sw.github.io/cmssw/usercode-faq.html

And a detailed tutorial: http://cms-sw.github.io/cmssw/tutorial.html

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