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January 7th

Dataset and Monte Carlo samples

Parton Distribution Generator
WorkBook MC Generation
Rivet :: HepForge
PileupReweighting < CMS < TWiki
DataOpsSampleStatus < CMS < TWiki
CMS Data - Run2011A-PromptReco
CMS Data - Run2010A-Apr21ReReco
CMS Data - DBS/ PhEDEx
HepData search
PileupInformation < CMS < TWiki
BTagPerformanceOP < CMS < TWiki
Global Tag for JEC
CMS File Server
[1212.0386] Systematic uncertainties in NLOPS matching
Index of /cms-project-generators/slc5_ia32_gcc434/madgraph/V5_1.3.30/8TeV_Summer12
MadGraphSummer12Production < CMS < TWiki

January 21st

Making an OR of two CandViewCountFilters

Turns out you can't make the OR of two EDFilters (e.g., CandViewCountFilters) directly.
What you can do is to make two paths that differ in just that filter
    p1 =  cms.Path(...abc.. + filter1 + ..xyz...)
    p2 =  cms.Path(...abc.. + filter2 + ..xyz...)
This should be equivalent to the OR, i.e. the modules in xyz are executed only once, if filter1 or filter2 or both succeed.

Still this can be cumbersome to write if you have many OR's to do since the number of paths explodes combinatorically. In such cases it is better to make a single collection using CandViewMerger and then count the members of that one.

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