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November 9th

Filtering on HLT_ZeroBias

Trigger bit requirement to use only zero bias triggered events
import HLTrigger.HLTfilters.triggerResultsFilter_cfi as hlt
process.ZeroBiasAve = hlt.triggerResultsFilter.clone()
process.ZeroBiasAve.triggerConditions = cms.vstring('HLT_ZeroBias*',)
process.ZeroBiasAve.hltResults = cms.InputTag( "TriggerResults", "", "HLT" )
process.ZeroBiasAve.l1tResults = cms.InputTag("")
process.ZeroBiasAve.throw = cms.bool( False )
and then add ZeroBiasAve into your path of modules.

November 16th

Generating anomalous quartic couplings in Madgraph

From Patricia Rebello Teles.

1) Install Madgraph:
cd /home/athena

wget https://launchpad.net/madgraph5/trunk/1.5.0/+download/MadGraph5_v1.5.4.tar.gz

tar -xvzf MadGraph5_v1.5.4.tar.gz

cd /home/athena/MadGraph5_v1.5.4
2) Download anomalous implementation for Madgraph
cd /home/athena/MadGraph5_v1.5.4/models

wget http://feynrules.irmp.ucl.ac.be/attachment/wiki/AnomalousGaugeCoupling/SM_LS0_LS1_UFO.tgz

tar -xvzf SM_LS0_LS1_UFO.tgz

Here you have cards in which you can modify the anomalous coupling parameters.
For instance FS0 and FS1 in this implementation are equal to 1, which will give a huge cross section.
Look at FS0 and FS1 constraints to modify accordingly.

3) Generate anomalous process (an example for leptonic channel)
cd /home/athena/MadGraph5_v1.5.4


import model SM_LS0_LS1_UFO

generate p p > W+ W- j j QED=6 QCD=0, W+ > e+ ve W- > e- ve~ 
and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Note that this implementation was made to also use Calchep. In this case you need to download the file
wget http://feynrules.irmp.ucl.ac.be/attachment/wiki/AnomalousGaugeCoupling/SM_LS0_LS1_CH.tgz

November 17th

Generating WVγ (where V= W or Z) events in Madgraph

I sent the following recipe in email to James Faulkner.

There are two options to generate the process

Option 1: From your MadGraph5 main area run:

import model SM

generate p p > W+ j j a QED=3, w+ > l+ vl
Then follow the instructions on the screen. A run-card will be created that you will need to modify (e.g., number of events, center of mass energy etc.). Please run this card using the usual way. Next, generate events containing W-:
generate p p > W- j j a QED=3, w- > l- vl~
Option 2: Go to the Madgraph online page:


Please register yourself. You will need a username and password for the next steps.

I. Type the following process name in the filed called "Input Process" (leave everything else unchanged):
      p p > W+ j j a QED=3, w+ > l+ vl
Then click on "Submit". It will take 1--2 minutes to automatically refresh the page.

II. Now click on "Code Download". Untar the directory and move it to your MadGraph5 main area. Then cd into this directory. Make appropriate changes (e.g., number of events, center of mass energy etc.) to the run-card located at "Cards/run_card.dat". Then run. Repeat the above two steps for W-:
  p p > W- j j a QED=3, w- > l- vl~

November 28th

Getting FNAL user account

Very often offsite CMS students ask me how to get an FNAL account. Here is the istruction I have ended up typing several times from scratch. This time I save it for future reference.
Dear < collaborator>,

You just need to fill out a web form (see link below) telling about 
your experiment (="CMS"), your first/last names, email, and phone number. You 
will also need to specify a "supervisor" and his/her email. 
You can put there my name and email. I will approve your request as soon as I 
get the email from help-desk. Also, you can specify if you already had a FNAL 
account in the past (so that they can assign you the same account id as before).

 Here is all the information.

FNAL LPC account info/policy etc:

The main account application request server:

(click on item #3 titled "Apply to Use Fermilab Computers from Off-Site 
for Non-Employees")


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