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October 21st

lnujj analysis tree specifications

Periodically I have to specify the lnujj analysis tree structure whenever a new member joins the group. Here is the latest attempt in this saga.
All data (~12 fb-1) and MC files are located
here in the standard ROOT tree format:


We save essentially all jet/met/lepton quantities
of interest. The current trees only contain 'lepton+
jets+MET' topology; it will be easy to make 'dilepton
+jets' trees but we haven't made them for this iteration

The following pre-selection has been applied:

* Standard vertex and scrapping veto etc.
* muon pt > 25 GeV, |eta|<2.4
   electron ET > 30 GeV, |eta|<2.5 excluding the gaps
* pfMET > 25 (>30) GeV for muon (electron) events
* W transverse mass > 30 GeV
* jet threshold is 30 GeV. We save information for
  six highest pT jets in the event. Jets have CHS and
   standard L1L2L3(residual) corrections applied.
* At least two jets with pT above 30 GeV and |eta|<2.4

In the tree, the standard ak5PfJet quantities have names
with prefix "JetPFCor_". Lepton quantities have names
with prefix "W_muon_" or "W_electron_". Event variables
MET, NPV, event number, beam crossing etc are saved
with prefix "event_".  We also save groomed jets (trimmed,
pruned, filtered) for AK5/7/8 and CA8 algorithms with
prefix "groomed_".

Some example variables and how to plot them from our ROOT tree
0.) Leading jet pT:  "JetPFCor_Pt[0]";

1.)  deltaEta ( jet1, jet2):  "JetPFCor_Eta[0]-JetPFCor_Eta[1]";

2.) deltaPhi (jet1, jet2):  "abs(abs(abs(JetPFCor_Phi[0]-JetPFCor_Phi[1])-TMath::Pi())-TMath::Pi())"

3.) deltaPhi (jet1, MET): "JetPFCor_dphiMET[0]"

4.) deltaPhi (lepton, MET):

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