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July 11th

Articles and links on jet substructure

TLBSMV10beta < CMS < TWiki
TopLikeBSMSpring2011 < CMS < TWiki
TWikiSMPJS12019QA < CMS < TWiki
BOOST2012 (23-27 July 2012)
PhysicsResultsEXO11006Winter2012 < CMSPublic < TWiki
[1204.2488] Search for anomalous t t-bar production in the highly-boosted all-hadronic final state
PhysicsResultsSMP12019 < CMS < TWiki
PhysicsResultsSMP12019 < CMSPublic < TWiki
[1207.0380] Investigation of Monte Carlo Uncertainties on Higgs Boson searches using Jet Substructure
[1208.0010] Resummation of Jet Mass at Hadron Colliders
[1208.0563] Underlying event characteristics and their dependence on jet size of charged-particle jet events in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector
Index of /boost2012/data/softQCD_8TeV/Pythia8_4C
[1209.2421] Jet Charge at the LHC
[1209.2858] A comparative study of jet substructure taggers
[1209.3019] Calculating the Charge of a Jet
HiggsWWTolnujBoostedWorkingArea < CMS < TWiki
TWikiSMPJS12019PaperComments < CMS < TWiki
BOOST2012-pileup < Main < TWiki
[1211.2811] Pileup subtraction for jet shapes
[1211.7038] Quark and Gluon Jet Substructure
[1301.1910] A QCD description of the ATLAS jet veto measurement
[1301.5810] Studies of highly-boosted top quarks near the TeV scale using jet masses at the LHC
[1303.4811] Studies of jet mass in dijet and W/Z+jet events
[1303.6636] Scale-invariant resonance tagging in multijet events and new physics in Higgs pair production
[1304.2394] Jet Sampling: Improving Event Reconstruction through Multiple Interpretations
2012 US ATLAS Hadronic Final State Forum
CMS Jet Substructure Workshop (15 April 2013)
[1305.4920] Substructure of Boosted Jets
[1302.2884] Parton Shower Effects on W and Z Production via Vector Boson Fusion at NLO QCD
[1212.4504] Merging H/W/Z + 0 and 1 jet at NLO with no merging scale: a path to parton shower + NNLO matching
[1306.4945] Performance of jet substructure techniques for large-R jets in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV using the ATLAS detector
[1307.0407] Boosted $hh \rightarrow b\bar{b}b\bar{b}$: a new topology in searches for TeV-scale resonances at the LHC
[1307.0007] Towards an understanding of jet substructure
[1307.0013] Jet substructure with analytical methods
[1307.4825] Identifying the b quark inside a boosted hadronically decaying top quark using jet substructure in its center-of-mass frame
[1308.0540] Tagging highly boosted top quarks
[1309.4777] Jet Cleansing: Pileup Removal at High Luminosity
[1310.4828] Gluon-initiated associated production boosts Higgs physics
[1310.7584] Jet Observables Without Jet Algorithms
[1311.2591] MadMax, or Where Boosted Significances Come From
[1311.2708] Boosted objects and jet substructure at the LHC
[1311.6514] QCD calculations for jet substructure
[1312.3317] Very boosted Higgs in gluon fusion
[1402.0516] Jet Substructure Templates: Data-driven QCD Backgrounds for Fat Jet Searches
[1402.1189] Finding physics signals with event deconstruction
[1402.1494] Jet Radiation Radius
[1402.2657] Soft Drop

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