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June 1st

CADI hack: attaching notes from other PAGs

From Jeff Berryhill.
Here is a hack that allows one to attach notes to CADI lines which do not belong to the CADI PAG.
If in edit mode you select a PAG from the dropdown menu next to "AN note", you are frustratingly led to a page which lists only the AN's associated to the PAG being edited in CADI. For example, attaching a HIG note to a SMP CADI entry, one is led to


To get notes from elsewhere, in this case from the HIG area, edit the browser http address line so that the portion of the query which specifies the iCMS search points to where you want, e.g.

"awg=THISPAG" --> "awg=THATPAG", and go to that page


June 14th

Making a logical OR between selection filters

If I have two paths, like this:
mySequence1   = cms.Sequence(filterSequence1 * analyzer)
mySequence2   = cms.Sequence(filterSequence2 * analyzer)
Then if both filterSequence1 and filterSequence2 pass, analyzer will only be executed once in a given event.

And if you want an _exclusive_ OR, the following use of negated filters should do the trick:
mySequence1   = cms.Sequence(filterSequence1 * ~filterSequence2 * analyzer)
mySequence2   = cms.Sequence(filterSequence2 * ~filterSequence1 * analyzer)

June 19th

Cross section summary and script

From Matt Herndon.

Attached are the cross section summary plot of the CMS-measured Standard Model processes and the script that produces it.

June 21th

Access to CMS Internal Slides

CMS has established an e-group called cms-private. We will use this list to authorize access to slides in various approvals and internal discussions. This list is open to all CMS members with access to physics data, but by joining this list you acknowledge that the information you may have access to is internal to CMS and should not be released externally without permission of the spokesperson. It is an opt-in list.

To join, go to
into the search and hit the subscribe button.

June 24th

Madgraph tarballs

Available at the following link


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