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November 10th

Privately installed ROOT at FNAL LPC

Jake Anderson has it installed it here:
After you have done the cmsenv command in your release you type this command at the shell prompt:
source /uscms_data/d1/andersj/ROOT/root528/root/bin/thisroot.csh 
This changes the version of root that you are using. Don't do this though if you are going to be running or compiling and full framework stuff.

November 22nd

MCFM ntuple and instructions

Copy of the email I sent to Nhan Tran.
Here is the MCFM ntuple for diboson WW:


The following configuration file was used to generate the sample:

index 3: neutrino
index 4: lepton   (assumed massless)
index 5: jet1 / parton 1
index 6: jet2/ parton 2
index 7: jet/ parton from extra radiation, if any

Instructions to run MCFM
1.) Please check out the MCFM version 6.0 following instructions
from here:


(Yurii Maravin and undergrads working with me found and
fixed some bugs in the original distribution -- the fix was
made by Ciaran Williams & John Campbell, the MCFM developers.)

1.) Run from either Yurii's directory (~maravin/nobackup/MCFM/Bin) or
Kristina's directory (~kkrylova/nobackup/MCFM/Bin), so  you do not 
need to install yourself:

/uscms_data/d3/kkrylova/MCFM/Bin   your_config.dat

2.) Please use the following file to generate W+jet:

For WW change the process number ("[nproc]") to 62 for 
WW->\ell^+\nu qq  and 63 for WW->\ell^-\nu qq.

3.) Run the following two scripts in succession to convert 
from Zebra (native output format for MCFM) to ROOT tuples:



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