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August 3rd

Limit setting procedure

Phil Dudero outlined steps of limit setting procedure for our H→WW analysis:
For general edification, these are the salient points for generating limit plot

1. Inputs received from Kalanand, include 10 GeV-binned graphs and histograms for: 
     data (1.2/fb), 
     W+Jets, WW normalized to 1.2/fb, 
     and unit-normalized signal MC histograms for mass points 

2. To normalize signal to 1.2/fb:
  a) read cross section table derived from

  b) read branching fraction table derived from

  c) read Eff x Acc table from Andre's emails sent Jul. 18 (are there newer?), 
     average el and mu efficiencies together for single efficiency per masspoint.

3. Perform a Gaussian fit to the signal peak, and set a counting window = fit mean ± 2*fit sigma

4. Integrate #events for signal, data, WJets and WW+WZ over the summing window, 
   generate a single-bin-per-process datacard to be fed to the limit setting tool. 
   Note that there are no systematics in the datacards as of yet.

5. Run Higgs "combine" program with:
  - Profile Likelihood method
  - 500 toys for expected and one/two sigma bands

6. Generate graphs, plot outputs from the combine log files.

August 14th

Drawing ±1σ and ±2σ band of upper limits

Posted by Yurii Maravin. We start out by creating a TGraph that would cover the 2σ area.
Imagine you have two points with x values of 0 and 1. Let's assume ±1σ values are 50, 70 for 0 and 60, 80 for 1. Then your TGraph should look like this:
// note that you have to create a filled path to make the fill color option work
float x[5] = {0, 1, 1, 0, 0};
float val[5] = {50, 60, 80, 70, 50};
TGraph* graph = new TGraph(5, x, val);
TH2F* frame = new TH2F("frame", "", 100, 0, 1, 100, 40, 90);
This would create a solid filled area with 2σ contour. Overlay it with 1σ (green), and with the actual results etc.

August 19th

awk script for log files

Here is a useful awk command to dig out HLT information from CRAB stdout files
awk '/ 0 HLT_Ele17_CaloIdT_CaloIsoVL_TrkIdVL_TrkIsoVL_Ele8_CaloIdT_CaloIsoVL_TrkIdVL_TrkIsoVL_v8/ {totalrate += $5} END {print "total = " totalrate}' *.stdout 

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