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April 12th

To run RooFit on cmslpc

Configure the latest CMSSW_4_2_X, do cmsenv there, then run ROOT and type the following command from the ROOT session:
gSystem ->  SetIncludePath( "-I$ROOFITSYS/include" ); 
That's it. You are all set.

April 27th

New disk space for [H→WW →] lνjj analysis

The location is:
You will need your normal GRID credential to be able to write. CRAB (and condor) jobs can access the area in normal way:
storage_element = cmssrm.fnal.gov
storage_path = /srm/managerv2?SFN=/11/store/user/lnujj/
user_remote_dir = < your_directory_for_the_job>
    (CRAB can create this directory also)
You can read the files there in a cmsRun job as:
dcache:/pnfs/cms/WAX/11/store/user/lnujj/< directory>/< file.root>
The following unix accounts have the write permission:
abenagli, berryhil, dgreen, dimatteo, govoni, kalanand, neu, pratima, sboutle, sznajder, yangf, yumiceva

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