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October 13th

CVS from laptop

Here's how you can setup cvs to work via ssh right on your laptop. Instructions are for bash, but it is trivial to convert to csh if that's what you run on your laptop.

1. Define an alias:
alias cmscvs='export CVS_RSH=sshcvs; export CVSROOT=kalanand@cmscvs.cern.ch:/cvs_server/repositories/CMSSW'
2. Create a directory for scripts
mkdir /home/kalanand/bin
3. Add the directory to the PATH in your .bashrc or .cshrc:
export PATH=/home/kalanand/bin:${PATH}
4. Create a short script in the directory, call it sshcvs and give it permissions to execute:
touch /home/kalanand/bin/sshcvs
chmod u+x /home/kalanand/bin/sshcvs
5. Put in it
ssh -o PreferredAuthentications=password $@
6. Open a new shell. You are ready to go. Try
cvs co -d ExoSt UserCode/kalanand/ExoSt 

October 15th

Running dijet stats code

From Gena Kukartsev.
I will put together a wiki page with steps needed to run the stats code. For now, please use the general ExoSt instructions, including the optional steps:


The most up to date ExoSt config file is
test/dijet_bw_binned.cfg (by default it uses Breit-Wigner for signal but the nominal shape is included and can be activated by changing one line.

The main limit calculating macro is

This same macro Kalanand should use to test the fit. 

October 31st

scram build really really clean !!!

Andrew Askew reported a very interesting problem related to scram build:

"I'm doing some code development, and I've made changes to the header file of an algorithm object. I then try to compile, but it looks like my working area doesn't realize the change has been made (it doesn't find the newly modified constructor, and tells me that the implementation doesn't match the header. So something is cached and not getting cleaned out when I do scram b clean, or scram b distclean. So I need a bigger hammer, but I can't remember the command for it. Can someone help before I chuck it, and make a new release area? This is what I did last time, and it's a real pain to copy all my new development over."

Response from Eric Vaandering:
cleanscram:      aliased to scramv1 b distclean; scramv1 b vclean; scramv1 b clean
is what I use. Perhaps overkill.

And Charles Plager:
scram b vclean is the only thing I know that you aren't doing. My routine is:
scram b distclean
scram b vclean
scram b clean
scram b -j4 

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