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September 9th

New PickEvents Tool

Charles advertised a new pick events tool today:


This tool will work both picking a small number of events out of locally available files as well as selecting a large number of events _not available locally._

Update: Please use the following new tag:
V08-01-02 PhysicsTools/Utilities
The previous tag had a subtle bug. The tool picked events in a different order from the one in the input text file but in a reproducible way, i.e., always in the same different order. The new tag has got this fixed.

September 21st

Using PickEvents tool

To run the script interactively do the following, for example
    edmPickEvents.py "/EG/Run2010A-PromptReco-v4/RECO" 140160:98:82878561 140160,101,85437704
      * /EG/Run2010A-PromptReco-v4/RECO is the dataset you want to pick events from
      * 140160:98:82878561 and 140160:101:85437704 are the two events you want to pick. The syntax is Run:Lumi:Event
edmPickEvents.py "/EG/Run2010A-PromptReco-v4/RECO" events.txt
If you are running over large number of events (or if the sample is not available locally at FNAL) the script will automatically create crab config to submit.

**** Make sure to set the crab server option to 0 and change lumi section per job to some sensible number (say, 200) in "pickevents_crab.config" before creating crab jobs.

More details here: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMSPublic/WorkBookPickEvents

September 30th

Providing PoolSource input list as a text file

Take a look at VarParsing:


It allows for loading files from a text file and even allows you to specify which files (and other options) from the command line.

process.source = cms.Source("PoolSource",
   fileNames = cms.untracked.vstring( [line.strip() for line in
file('input.txt').readlines()] )
Apparently the vstring() constructor does not accept a generator, unlike lists and tuples.

Update: See also:

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