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February 2nd

To check the status of all running/completed CRAB jobs

Here is the awk script to accomplish this: awk_crab_status
rm -f junk
touch junk
foreach d(crab_0_*)
crab -status -c $d | awk '{if ($2=="Retrieved" && $4!="0") print $0}' >> junk
echo " " >> junk

February 18th

Update my CMS setup script

Here is the updated version: setup.csh
source /uscmst1/prod/sw/cms/cshrc prod
source /uscmst1/prod/grid/gLite_SL5.csh
source /uscmst1/prod/grid/CRAB/crab.csh
eval `scramv1 runtime -csh`
project CMSSW
cmscvsroot CMSSW
alias cvsd cvs -d $CVSROOT
alias grid voms-proxy-init -voms cms

February 26th

Using nohup command

Being stuck in India, it's a pain to copy even a few hundred MB file from FNAL to local machines. Also I am getting frequently kicked out from cmslpc machnies after a few hours of login. Turns out I can run commands on cmslpc using "nohup" option. If I get disconnected during the running of the command, it will still run to completion on the remote machine.
cmslpc16> nohup test_cfg.py &
cmslpc16> exit

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