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April 1st

Some useful edm utilities

for details. Here are the ones that I end up using most frequently.
edmPluginRefresh                      # to refresh the plugins

edmPluginDump -a | grep myPlugin      # very useful to check which plugins are available for use

edmDumpEventContent < edm ROOT file > # prints out the variable leaf names

edmProvDump < edm ROOT file> > a.out  # prints out the provenance information

edmConfigSearch < search_string>  < config_file> #finds instances of a search string in the configuration

edmConfigTree [regex] < config_file>  # dumps (and optionally deep-searches) the chain of includes used by a config file, with indenting and color coding

edmConfigFromDB  [option]             # retrieves job configuration text files from the configuration database

edmFastMerge  [option]                # This is a standalone tool for merging multiple files containing different number of events into a single output file. It is MUCH faster than using cmsRun for this purpose.

April 7th

Submitting jobs to condor batch queue

condor_submit    < Job_Name >      # submit a job
condor_q   -sub kalanand           # check the status of all my jobs 
condor_q -sub all                  # check the status of everyone's jobs 
condor_rm  < JobID>                # kill a submitted/running job
condor_rm -name < node>  < JobID>  # kill jobs submitted from a given machine
To kill all my jobs submitted from "cmslpc06.fnal.gov" I would do
condor_rm kalanand -name cmslpc06.fnal.gov

April 11th

To copy files from dcache to local area

dccp /pnfs/cms/WAX/resilient/kalanand/Madgraph_ttbarjets/< myfile>.root .

April 15th

To commit to CMS CVS

step 1:   kserver_init                      # type your CERN username & password  
step 2:   project CMSSW
step 3:   cvs -d $CVSROOT update -Ad
step 4:   cvs -d $CVSROOT add < filename>
step 5:   cvs -d $CVSROOT commit
step 6:   cvs -d $CVSROOT tag Vxxxx

How to create a cvs branch

step 1: cvs -d $CVSROOT tag -b < new_branch_name >
step 2: cvs -d $CVSROOT update -r < new_branch_name >
step 3: CVS -d $CVSROOT	commit

To add a new file to an existing CVS branch

cvs -d $CVSROOT add -m "blah" file1

April 21st

To copy data from CERN to FNAL

Step 1: Get the name of the dataset and file list from the DBS page. The data file names should be like "/store/mc/...".
Step 2: Login to lxplus.cern.ch
Step 3: Run the following command to check that the data files exist on CERN castor storage and can be read:
nsls /castor/cern.ch/cms/store/mc/...     # i.e., the file name from DBS  
Step 4. Still on lxplus. Go to the scratch area
cd /tmp/kalanand/
Step 5: Copy files from castor to scratch area
rfcp /castor/cern.ch/cms/store/mc/...  .
Step 6: Now copy the files from the specific lxplus node scratch area to FNAL machine
cd $home/kalanand/nobackup/
scp kalanand@lxplus< node>.cern.ch:/tmp/kalanand/< file> .

April 25th

CMS detector performance plots


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