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March 3rd

To see the disk space occupied by subdirectories

du -ks * | sort -nr +0 -1
The command
du -sh
will give you the overall disk usage.

To check quota on afs space

fs lq

To check quota on cmslpc disks

quota -s   # Option "s" stands for "summary" and prints out in human readable format

To check the tags of packages checked out in a CMSSW release

showtags -R

March 12th

To pipe the output of a command to a text file

command >&!  a.log &   # from a terminal window
command; > a.log       # inside a ROOT session (DON'T forget the semi-colon and space)

March 17th

To make a tar file of the whole directory

tar -cvf file.tar myDirectory    #"myDirectory" is the name of the input directory and "file.tar" is the name of the output tar file
gzip file.tar                    # will create file.tar.gz
Now I can transfer the above zipped file to my new remote machine where I am already logged in
scp kalanand@ucbeauty.slac.stanford.edu:file.tar.gz .
Untar and expand the new file:
gunzip file.tar.gz          # will create file.tar 
tar xvf file.tar            # the old directory "myDirectory" will be recreated.

To make a tar file with selected files only

tar -cvf mytarfile.tar -T filelist.txt   # "filelist.txt" should contain the list of files to be tarred separated by linebreak

March 20th

Converting a postscript table to GIF format

Sometimes we need to convert a Latex table saved in postscript/pdf file to GIF/JPG format in order to include in presentations or webpage.
convert -density 144x144  blah.ps  blah.gif 

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