Kalanand's February 2008 Log

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February 11th

Connecting to Fermilab LPC farms

ssh -Y kalanand@cmslpc@fnal.gov

ROOT libraries

root-config --libs

AFS token

aklog   (/afs/fnal.gov/files/home/room2/kalanand)

CMS environment setup

source /uscmst1/prod/sw/cms/setup/cshrc prod

To set up a CMSSW release

scramv1 project CMSSW CMSSW_X_Y_Z
cmscvsroot CMSSW
cvs co -r < tag > < package_name >
eval `scramv1 runtime -csh`
scramv1 b

February 13th

Link to JetMET disk

I have now permission to access and write in this disk area. To access, I need to do
ksu cmsjtmet
To get back to my normal login, I just need to logout of cmsjtmet:

February 18th

To access voicemail at my FNAL phone (x2417)

Onsite: dial 6000
Offsite: dial 630-840-6000

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