Analysis of particle/particle-astro physics publications

For the past three years I have been trying to figure out answers to the following sort of questions regarding the publication impact of large collaborations in the fields of particle physics, particle astro-physics, and cosmology:

In order to answer these questions objectively in a quantitative, matter-of-fact way, I decided to write a lightweight package to perform statistical analysis of Inspire HEP data, which maintains a meticulous record of these publications. The package is called "iCite" and is written in python. It performs query on the Inspire HEP database to extract useful information about the publications and their citation statistics. It then goes on to make charts comparing performance of collaborations in each specific field. The query result can also be stored locally in a text file for further analysis.

I chose H-index as the most appropriate metric since it comes closest to measuring the impact of one's publications, but one can easily change this to total number of citations or average citation per article, etc.

The Git repository of the package is:

Results from the analysis are shown below (as of April 2014).
Collider experiments
Comparison of CMS PAGs
Flavor physics
Neutrino experiments
Direct dark matter detection
Cosmology, dark energy
Physics tools
Monte Carlo generators

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