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My picture Hi! My name is Kalanand Mishra. I am a data scientist in silicon valley. From the childhood I have been very interested in how the nature works at the most fundamental level. Hence my fascination with evidence-based science and data analytics.

While in graduate school, I investigated the nature of the subatomic world at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. In particular, I performed measurements of matter-antimatter asymmetry. My results, published in Physical Review during 2006−2008, confirmed a ground-breaking idea that led to Nobel prize for Kobayashi & Maskawa. I defended my Ph.D. thesis in 2008 and took up postdoctoral position at Fermilab to work at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. There I led a team effort which, in collaboration with others, culminated in the Higgs boson discovery and Nobel prize for Higgs & Englert in 2013.

After the emergence of Big Data as a transformative force I moved to the tech industry in 2014. I use Machine Learning and statistical techniques to solve a wide variety of real-life problems. In my free time I like hiking, backpacking, traveling, and volunteering.

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